Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What happens to the flowers after the wedding?

While I am not the biggest fan of flowers, I decided that since we are spending money on them for the wedding I would like to do something with them after the night is over.

Originally Mama Elephant wanted to send them to our church, but since it will be Easter Sunday we already know that the sanctuary will be filled with lilies. There are now talks of reusing some of the centerpieces at our send off brunch the morning after the wedding.  I told mom if she could keep from guests taking them home, they're all hers!

I'm really only interested in saving my bouquet, but how?

Option 1: Preservation - Air Dry
A popular, easy and cheap way to preserve the bouquet would be to hang it upside down and let it air dry.  I used this method on my bouquet from MOH Navy's wedding, then placed it in a vase to decorate our dinning room table.

I have heard that these dried flowers (in particular roses and peonies) may attract little moths, so you may want to bag up the bouquet and place it in the freezer for a week.

Option 2: Preservation - Freeze Dried
According to this site "The process for freeze dried flowers is the state-of-the-art and most effective method for flower preservation today.  It is an innovative vacuum process that takes approximately four weeks depending on the flower.  Freeze dried flowers go through a process in which water is removed as vapor directly from ice, without passing through the liquid state."

Freeze drying the bouquet would be the best method if I wanted to keep the bouquet in a shadow box after the wedding.

Option 3: Flowers Into Art
I originally saw this idea in an issue of Brides magazine, where companies like Flowers into Paintings will preserve your wedding bouquet and turn it into art.  This is a pricey option, but how awesome and sentimental would that art piece be in your house?  They use canvas wraps as the base for the art and we all know how much I have grown to love canvas wraps!

Are there any other ideas out there? Will you be saving your bridal bouquet?  

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