Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wedding Easter Bunny?

I know that for 97% of the brides out there (totally made up percentage by me) the Easter Bunny has nothing to do with their wedding planning... unfortunately for us, it does.

BM Philly and me with the Easter Bunny back in the day

When we first got engaged we picked the closest Saturday to our dating anniversary which was April 24, 2010. When we moved the wedding back a year Mr. E still wanted to go with the Saturday closest to the date we started dating. This was one wedding related thing he really wanted and I had no problem with it.

So we started planning, meeting with venues and booking vendors all with the date of April 23, 2011. Now this was back in 2009, so maybe our vendors didn't look at a calendar (much like us), but about 5 months after we booked the venue I got a random text from Mr. E (not all that random because we tend to text through our work days, but the question was a little random) asking if I knew what April 24, 2011 was.

I thought he was being cute so I texted back "the day after our wedding" and he responded with, "true, but it's also Easter". Really?!?! Our wedding is Easter weekend? I guess it's not so hard to believe since Easter Sunday changes every year, but it normally stays around the end of March or beginning of April.

Long story short - since we are not getting married at our church and none of our vendors have a problem with that Saturday, we'll be keeping our date! And to tie in a little of the Easter feel, I picked up some of this when it was 50% off after Easter this year.

It'll be great to fill the bottom of our favor take out boxes.

Now I just need to figure out what to put in those favor boxes.

Did you have, or think of having, your wedding during a holiday weekend?

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