Monday, December 20, 2010

Private Dancer

Sorry Tina Turner, no dancing for money here. The title is actually in reference to a private last dance at our reception.  I first learned about the private last dance at BM Aggie & Groomsman Runner's wedding.  As the guests left to prepare for the grand exit from the reception, the bride and groom stayed behind in the reception room to have one last dance all alone.

The plan is to have all of the guests exit to prepare for our send off, the DJ will start our song and then leave the room as well.  We won't be completely alone, one of our photographers will remain to take some shots as we enjoy the last minutes of our wedding day.  I am so excited for this moment!

(Source for both images)

Mr. E and I narrowed it down to 2 potential songs for our private last dance: Jason Mraz "I'm Yours"

 Or Eric Benet's "Spend My Life With You".

We decided that "I'm Yours" will be fun for all of our guests so it will be one of our last crowd dances, making "Spend My Life With You" our last private dance song.

Have you heard of the private last dance? Will you have one at your wedding?

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