Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Soupy Romance & Wedding Day Gift

As weird as it may seem, soup has played an interesting part in our relationship. Back in '07, we were preparing for our first Christmas together and Mr. E asked what I would like.  I joked with him that I was running low on soup so it would be great if he could pick some up.  We laughed about it, but Mr E. actually incorporated soup into my gift.

Gypsy checking out the gift of soup & Ramen 

Along with all of that soup was a beautiful diamond necklace.  The running joke of soup as a gift has continued since then and was even incorporated into Mr. E's proposal where the ring was inside of a personalized soup can.

I love how Mr. E has kept the joke going, and I would love to incorporate a soup can into a little wedding day gift for him.  We already decided to splurge a little on our honeymoon room as a wedding gift to ourselves, but I still want to have a little something for him to open on the big day.  I'm in the works of making a soup can to hold his gift (more on that later), but I still need to pick something to put in that can.

I want to give him cufflinks, but I'm stuck on which pair to order.  As you may remember, Mr. E is a gamer, so it's only fitting that his cufflinks reflect that.  Here are a couple that have caught my eye.

Mario Mushrooms from Etsy Seller The Clay Creation

PS3 Controllers from TheClayCreation

XBox 360 Controllers from TheClayCreation

Or maybe I should change it up and go with a gift to reference his love of zombies.  We love The Walking Dead!!! Mr. E even read all of the graphic novels for it, the first non school related reading I have seen him do in a long time.

Zombie brains from TheClayCreation

Will you be gifting your groom anything for the wedding?

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chocoholic said...

We had a travel themed wedding on the 18th! I wrote my husband a poem and framed it.