Monday, December 6, 2010

Help with the Elephant Invites?

Hey there Hive!  I really appreciated all of your help with Mr. E's tie (we're going with the green and blue stand out!) and was hoping that you would like to help with the Elephant invitations. You know you "wanta"! Hmmm, now all I can think of are those Fanta commercials... Wanta Fanta, don't ya wanta?

Sorry for the mini sidetrack there, anywho. The pieces of our DIY invites are coming together pretty nicely, although my back is starting to kill me with all of the quality time spent with my paper cutter.  I want to hold off showing you the whole product until it's complete, but I could really use your help with our belly sneak peek ahead.

When we first started to draft the invites, we thought a simple square belly band with the names of the guests would be great.  Cut out the need for an inner envelope?  I'm all for it! I even picked up a 2x2 square punch to make it easier on myself, and prevent major screw ups around the border.  Don't mind the ribbon, this is a mock up that has been slipped on and off quite a bit.

As time passed (slowly) I realized there wasn't really any travel tie in between our invites and the rest of our paper products such as our save the dates.  Maybe I needed a little tie in?  I decided the easiest way would be to change up the belly band into the shape of a luggage tag.

At first I was all for it, but now I'm starting to feel that it maybe OK (or even better) to leave out the travel tie in and use the original square.  I've already cut out the green backing for each option, but I will admit that it would probably be faster to cut out the names with the 2x2 square punch than the travel tag which would involve more time with the paper cutter.

So Hive what do you think, square or luggage tag?

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