Monday, January 10, 2011

This Could Be A Hairy Situation

Or it could be almost exactly what I envisioned!  It's makeup and hair trial time!

You may remember that I have actually had my makeup done once or twice (or 3 or 4 times but who's counting). You see, what had happen was... for the first set of engagement pictures we used the Clinque makeup counter which was ok, but I knew that I really wanted air brush for the wedding.  The second set of engagement pictures required a last minute air brush appointment with an artist who was lovely, but a little bit out of our budget.  The 3rd trial was pretty bad, so the search continued.

As luck would have it, MOH Navy gifted hair and makeup to each of her bridesmaids for her wedding so I was able to get another trial for free.  I loved my hair and makeup at her wedding, but sadly the company owner was already booked for our wedding date.

Me, MOH Navy, BM Cali and friend E

The good news was that Kelly (the owner) has a team of artists that are available for April, so we scheduled a  hair and makeup trial with Vetty.  Vetty not only nailed it with my look, but she is one of the sweetest people to boot.  Bonus points!  Ok enough of the talking, time for the pictures...

A little blurry before picture

Makeup complete

Adding in the extensions, we used the clip in kind which were so much quicker than what I'm used to. (Back in the day when I did extensions, they were sewn into my head).

And now for the finished hair, from the side.

And with the addition of the hair clip that I purchased when I picked up my dress.  I think the only change we are going to make is to get longer extensions to add a little more volume/design to the bun.

From the front, with a better look at the makeup.

And with the veil, do I look like a bride?

Vetty was sweet to take it down and curl the ends since I didn't want Mr. E to see it up. Just to make sure I got all that I could from this trial, I headed out to get my new passport picture taken and later went to party it up.

I was very happy with how the makeup lasted!  I'll be sure to pack some powder/oil plotting sheets and lipstick to touch up for the reception.

10 hours and several rounds of flip cup/beer pong later.

Did you have a hair or makeup trial prior to your wedding?  Were you satisfied with your first trials or did you keep looking? 

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