Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thanks for coming from OOT

My first experience with out of town (OOT) welcome gifts came at the wedding of our friends (and wedding party members) BM Aggie & Groomsman Runner. Mr. E and I weren't really from out of town, but we stayed at the hotel in Dallas because I didn't want to drive 30 mins home after the reception and wanted to be there for the send off brunch the next morning!

BM Aggie & Groomsman Runner had a lot of family members from Canada fly in for the wedding, so I think that their welcome packages were a very cute Texas touch - cowboy hats filled with goodies!

In the hotel showing off the gift basket


Close up of the hat filled with water, snacks and playing cards

I thought these were such a great idea and knew that I wanted to do something like that for our wedding. I jumped at the sale of gable boxes left over from another Dallas bride's wedding.

I played around with some ribbon, left over cardstock, corner rounder, and adhesive runner and came up with a couple ideas for how to decorate these boxes.  My favorite look was a thicker ribbon with the rounded welcome sign.

Note: We'll be adding "to Dallas" to the Welcome sign

I was all set on the ribbon (although it could get a little pricey) until I saw this post on Washi Tape from Mrs. Glasses, and received a link to Happy Tape from Weddingbee reader Marley.

I love trying new things (especially when they come out cheaper than my other ideas), so I ordered a pack and tested it out.

What do you think?  The lime green is a little more yellowish than I would like, but other than that I was pretty excited about it.  And the costs savings, from what I was spending on ribbon, made this a win in my book.

Next on the to do list will be to figure out what to put in them, other then water bottles with some personalized labels. I'm planning on buying several items in bulk from Costco closer to the wedding.

Are you doing OOT boxes/bags? If so what did you put in them?

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