Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Curse You Wine Corks!

Let's set the scene, shall we?  We've come up with the awesome idea to create boarding passes for our escort cards.

Only problem is that they lay flat.  There's nothing wrong with flat escort cards, but I thought that it would be nice to stand them up.  Enter the ever popular wine corks.

Should be an easy project, right?  Well not so much for us.  See, we don't have a garage filled with awesome tools, like a saw.  We do have X-acto knives and steak knives so we thought "hey we can totally do this on our own!". After picking up 4 packages of wine corks at Michael's, we got to work.  Mr. E cut the corks in half while I worked on cutting the slit on the top.

Can you see where this is going?

If you guessed that I would slice my hand, scream at the non stop blood and curse at the wine corks you would be correct.

I'll spare you the blood, but here's my bandaged hand and the cork culprit.

Wine Corks: 1, Miss E: 0

Although I wanted to forge on, Mr. E decided that it might be wise to come up with another plan.  He fashioned a stand out of scrap paper to attach to the back of the boarding jacket.

May not be as cute at the wine corks, but it's free and it gets the job done.  You're a smart one Mr. E!  One of the many reasons why I'm marrying you ;)

Oh, and the other 3 bags of wine corks?  Quickly returned for other crafting supplies. I didn't need any reminders laying around.

Have you had an injuries while crafting your wedding? What are some other ideas that you have used to stand up the escort cards?

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