Thursday, January 20, 2011

Elephant Invites - The Final Reveal

Now that you have seen the team work that put together the invites, how about seeing the invites themselves?

Here is the envelope that stood out among the normal junk mail in mailboxes of our guests (or so we hoped).  Visualize the King and Queen of Heart stamps on the envelope. On the first trip to the post office to ask the amount I was told 88 cents.  Second time around I was told 81 cents.  I opted to be safe with the two 44 cent stamps, plus they were cute!

Look at that metallic! 

Flip it over and they will find the rest of our wrap around label, made by Mr. E, and the cutest picture thanks to our very own Mrs. Sewing! We have heard from several guests that asked where we found something that looked liked us, and I was happy to explain that a friend actually drew it! (These pictures look so much better without all the blurring, sorry!)

I debated back and forth on doing an envelope liner, and although they are really pretty I decided against it.  I figure that people most likely will open this the same way I open my mail, which is with a letter opener, pair of scissors or knife (whichever is closer).

Pull it out, and they will find their names on the belly band.  Thanks to the Hive we went with the clean square look.  Several of our guests loved the personalization of the belly bands, which tells me that the little bit of extra time to type them all out was worth it.

Metallic shine on the petal card as well

Here are all of the pieces to the puzzle. With the exception of the petal cards and the postcards, everything else was printed and cut by yours truly.  That is some serious quality time with my paper cutter!

A little (or really a can or 2 of) spray adhesive left me with these components.  The Hotel Accommodations and Send Off Brunch are actually one card, back and front.  

For our main invite, we decided to stick with simple, which was more our style.  Mr. E picked out the font for our names and I picked out the font for the rest of the information.  We decided on a simple flourish on the bottom.  I'm not going to try and pull one over on you guys, I only embossed about 20 of the invites for those that I thought might actually keep them (our parents, my bridesmaids, my aunt).  Everyone else received one with the flourish printed on.

You've already seen the RSVP postcard, so we'll move onto our other insert, the hotel/send off brunch card.

Since our wedding is Easter weekend, I made sure to put a note on the card. Just in case some people don't really check the calendar before responding.  Our send off brunch will be the following day for any guests that wish to join us.

There's a better shot of the drawing created by Mrs. Sewing based off of our engagement pictures.  Isn't she talented? I love it!  You will most likely see it in one more DIY project before the wedding.

And here is one last shot of all the pieces.  I'm so proud of all the hard work that went into these!  From the feedback we have heard, it appears that our guests enjoyed receiving them.

For anyone that created DIY invites, did you feel like the work was worth the outcome?  

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