Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Elephant Invites - Putting The Pieces Together

I have to thank a home town bribe for the completion of our invites.  Mom, Dad, Brother E, Mr. E and I spent a morning putting together our wedding invites and then were treated (by Mama E) to Philly cheesesteaks for lunch.


I can't thank my family and Mr. E enough for pulling together to knock these off in less than 2 hours.  The majority of the cutting and gluing was completed by yours truly prior to this session, but being able to finish these with so much help was a load off of my shoulders. 

Brother E was in charge of numbering the RSVPs with the black light pen. He's all for the "easier" tasks

Daddy & Mama E were hard at work on cutting the ribbon for the belly bands.

Mr. E made use of my paper trimmer (best $30 spent for these DIY projects!) for the wrap around labels while I assisted with the ribbon cutting.

Once all of the cutting was complete we started an assembly line with the invites, RSVPs, hotel cards and belly band wrapping.

Brother E was a wee bit upset when Mama E caused a backlog in the assembly line.

My mom and I worked on wrapping and gluing the belly bands while my dad and brother peeled the stamps for the envelopes.  Mr. E handled the stuffing of envelopes and sticking on the wrap arounds.

Everything is better with a cold beer

Two hours later and we were left with a box full of invites ready to go!

Next Up: The reveal of our invites!

Did you enlist the help of your family or friends to stuff and stamp your invites?

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