Monday, January 24, 2011

Elephant Invites - The Cost Breakdown

We LOVE how our DIY invites turned out, but did we really save money doing them ourselves?

The pieces of our invites came from 4 different sources:, Michael's, Office Max and Vista Print.  I ordered supplies to make 150 invites, although we only sent out 109.  Extra supplies (such as paper, ribbon and full sheet labels) have found their way into other projects for the wedding.

Items from
Dark Blue Pearlescent Metallic A-7 Petal cards 3 packs of 50 x $35.99* = $107.97
Linen Cardstock 2 packs of 100 x $15.99 = $31.98
A7 Green Fairway Metallic Envelopes 3 packs of 50 x $14.99 = $44.97
Flat rate shipping = $3.99

*The petal cards are now $3 cheaper per set of 50.

Items from Michaels
Ribbon for belly bands = $25
Green Cardstock for matting = $15

*Items from Michaels estimated based on the amount used for invites (I purchased at different stores during sales)

Items from Office Max
Full Sheet Labels for wrap around labels= $14.06

Items from VistaPrint
RSVP Postcards = $28.47

*Postcards were purchased with email deals that included free uploads & free postcards)

106 Domestic invites & postcard stamps = $122.96
3 International invites = $5.16

Total Materials = $271.44
Total Postage = $128.12

Total Per Invite = $2.49
Total With Postage = $3.67

Without looking at the postage (since we would have spent that on invites if we made them or purchased them) the total per invites was only $2.49.  I think that's a pretty good deal based on some of the online invites we were looking at.  Was it the cheapest option?  Nope.  Of course there are less expensive invites out there (such as the box sets at Michael's and Target), but we couldn't find any blue and green ones that we really liked.

DIY invites definitely take some time and can end up costing more than other invites available, but with the reactions of our guests I would say they were well worth it!

Were invites an area in your budget to save or splurge (that letterpress can be very tempting!)?

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