Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guys Seem To Have It So Easy

It's a nice feeling knowing that our guys will be wearing more than just ties!

Mr. E rounded up Brother E and myself this past Saturday and headed over to Men's Warehouse to pick out tuxes for the wedding.  Since his groomsmen are scattered across Texas and Louisiana, Mr. E decided to go the easiest route for everyone.  Our trip to Men Warehouse was quick and painless (guys have it so easy!) and we were lucky enough to get Mr. E, my brother and my dad (who met us at the store) measured and in the system. 3 down and 4 guys to go!

Mr E selected the black Kenneth Cole tux with 2 buttons, white shirts and the vest patterns.  We held up the ties to get a visual.  Mr E will rock the white vest with blue & green striped tie.

While the groomsmen and dads will wear black vests with their respective ties.

Brother E looking a little tired

The boys also tried on Kenneth Cole jackets to get an idea of how the tux will fit.

I can't wait to see how the guys will look on the wedding day.  Thankfully (to ease my nerves) the tuxes will come in early the week of the wedding so they can try everything on together and make any necessary adjustments prior to the big day.

Will your guys be renting tuxes or purchasing suits for your big day?

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