Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hiding In Plain Sight

I get so excited when I head to the mailbox and see a package!  I shouldn't be that surprised because I have been ordering things left and right for this wedding, but it's so exciting to see something other than bills and junk mail.

The latest package came all the way from Hong Kong!

What could be inside, you ask?

Yay, black light pens!  I picked up on this little RSVP trick from Mrs. Green Tea's post, who I believe learned about it from bees before her.  Gotta love the tips from the Bee!

There is a very high probability with our guest list that someone will return an RSVP that we can not read, or even worse, no name at all.  To nip this problem in the bud before it happens I ordered a couple of black light pens to discreetly number our RSVP postcards.  The numbers will match up with our guest list excel so if there are any un-readable RSVPs we'll be able to figure out who it is.

Who could it be?

Oh! It's guest #24

Are there any other super spy brides out there using a black light pen for their RSVPs?

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Pamela said...

jajaja. That's a great idea. Love it!