Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Other Wedding

If we weren't having the wedding that we are, I have a strong feeling that we would have gotten married in the city of sin.  Vegas Baby!!

The funny thing is, when we got engaged many of our friends asked if we would be getting married in Vegas.  This may be an odd question for most couples, but if you knew my family, you wouldn't think twice about.  You see, my family LOVES Vegas! 

Mr. E's first Vegas trip with my family 2008

Date night in Vegas with a gondola ride

Our first trip was back in 1994, I'll always remember being in Vegas and watching the OJ Simpson car chase.  Between '94 and now, I've been to Vegas close to 50 times.  Our family would go for any reason; spring break, Christmas, New Years, Brother E's 21st birthday and (related to weddings) my parents 25th anniversary renewal. My parents renewed their vows in 2002 at the Rio in the Gardenia Chapel.

For my "other" wedding, I would have added Vegas touches to the DIY paper products.

While my parents had a lovely indoor ceremony for their vow renewal, I would probably still look for an outdoor location like Juno Garden at Caesar's Palace.

I would want to play up the Vegas setting with photos taken on the Strip

Moonlighting Photography Source

And of course get a Vegas themed cake.

Maybe we could finish off our wedding day with a little luck at the roulette tables?

If you could plan a wedding different than your current wedding, where would it be?

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Sara said...

I've been thinking a lot about this lately b/c I'm sorta freaking about our Plan B (or lack thereof)! If I could go back and time and re-plan from the beginning, I would definitely pick a more modern venue that was totally indoors.