Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MOB Dress Shopping Part 1

Mama Elephant (mother of the bride, MOB) has been absolutely amazing during all of this wedding planning.  It has (and will continue) to be one of the most wonderful bonding experiences for the two of us.

No average dress would do for such an awesome MOB.  Mom's dress criteria included no black and must have some bling.  Our first stop for the day was Stardust Celebrations, which you may have heard about from the WE reality show, Girl Meets Gown.

We had the sweetest associate helping us out, and although their prices were a little high we did find a couple contenders.

Well from the looks of this first dress, you must be thinking to yourself  "Miss Elephant, this doesn't meet your mom's criteria - that dress is black and has no bling" and you are correct.  We were looking into the one shoulder option, and this bridesmaid dress caught our eye.  It comes in an array of colors and we were told that we could add bling to it so mom tried it on.  It fit well, but our imaginations couldn't picture how it would be with some sparkle (or the cost to add that sparkle) so it was a no go.

Here was my personal favorite of our entire day, which happened to also be the most expensive :(

It was a beautiful color and had just the right amount of bling.  It also included a jeweled wrap that she could wear for the ceremony and leave off while she's dancing the night a way.

After we left Stardust, we headed to the near by mall and checked out Macy's, Dillard's & Saks Fifth without any luck.  We did find a couple of dresses on sale at Neiman Marcus that were pretty, but not winners.

Looks blue in the flash, but was actually more of a purple color

Liked the back on this one.

So MOB shopping trip #1 wasn't successful, let's hope for a better outcome next time!

Did you go dress shopping with your mom for her dress?  What criteria did your mother have for her dress?


Sara said...

She looks beautiful in them all!!

Lauren said...

Thanks!! I really like her taste and can't wait to go for round 2