Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flowers That Made Me Cry

No joke hive, I cried when I saw these flowers.

I previously mentioned that our planner Kathie, with Grand Events, is also doing all of the floral elements for our wedding.  Since flowers were the least important part of the wedding for us, I was completely surprised by my reaction when Mama Elephant and I headed over to Kathie's house to see mock ups for our centerpieces.  I was blown away by how beautiful they were.  They were everything I didn't know that I wanted!

Here are some pictures of the shorter arrangement.

And here are some shots of the taller centerpiece

Close up of the gorgeous flowers in the tall centerpiece 

 Mama E couldn't get over how beautiful these mock ups were.

We also decided to upgrade from the linens offered with the venue.  We'll have blue floor length linens, white chair covers (which come free with the venue), blue chair sashes and green napkins.  

Each setting will have a silver charger, green napkin, and my DIY menus wrapped in ribbon and topped off with a little kermit mum.

After we nailed down the linens and gave the A-OK on the centerpieces, we began to discuss the personal flowers.  With the bridesmaid's dresses being blue, we decided to go with simple bouquets of green hydrangeas and you're going to kill me because I can't remember the name of the other green plant but here's a picture of it.

There will be pieces of that green plant mixed in with the hydrangeas 

My bouquet will be one big daddy with a mix of hydrangeas, roses, delphinium and various other flowers.

Getting a visual of the mix of flowers

We're going to try and keep the boutineers simple.  Mr. E will have more white and blue in his, and the rest of the guys will be more green with a pop of blue which I think will look awesome with the dark suits and blue ties.

Mock up for Mr. E's

Picture from another wedding shot by our photographer, inspiration for GM bouts.

The moms, house party, and readers will have a beautiful mix of flowers surrounding a couple of roses.  Kathie will make them as corsages, but if they would rather pin it on their dress she'll be able to do a quick change up to the backing.

I am beyond excited to see all of these flower arrangements on our wedding day!  We're just a smidgen over our original budget once you throw in all of the candles, and the fabric we're going to incorporate into the outdoor ceremony area, but I think it's so well worth it!!  If our total guest count comes in on the lower end, then we'll be able to nix one or two of the centerpieces before the flowers are ordered.

Were you able to see a floral mock up before your wedding?  Did seeing your flowers (before or on the wedding day) have you a little emotional?

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