Saturday, July 10, 2010

We're all allowed to make mistakes...

...just wish it didn't cost me money :(

I recently ordered the DIY materials from to make our invites (envelopes, petal cards and paper) and wouldn't you know I made the same freakin' mistake I made when I was ordering samples??

After deciding that the linen paper would look much better then regular paper, I ordered a sample of bright white linen paper. Too bad I meant to click on bright white linen cardstock. I was able to catch the mistake fast, so paperandmore switched it out before sending it out.

Fast forward to ordering the materials for real (thank you work bonus!) and I loaded up the online cart with 3 sets of petal cards (total 150), 3 sets of envelopes (total 150) and 2 pack of bright white linen paper (200 sheets). I clicked purchase and was excited to have that checked off the list. A day or so later I was looking back at the site and noticed again that I ordered the linen paper instead of the linen cardstock...doh! (read that in Homer's voice).

I tried to email and have them switch it, but it had already been shipped. They said that I could order the cardstock and they would reduce the restocking fee from 15% to 7%. Darn it! I thought for a minute, well maybe the paper will be OK. But I knew it wouldn't so I ordered the cardstock and waited for the paper to come in so I could return it. Here's a pic of the comparison of 200 pages of cardstock to 200 pages of paper...

You can see the added thickness of the cardstock on the left. I'm glad I went ahead and ordered the cardstock. In an effort to make the most of my money I decided not to waste 7% restocking fee and the cost to ship back the paper. I'll just give an extra, added texture touch of linen paper to the save the dates and menus. Oh well, you can't win them all.

Did you make any mistake during wedding planning that cost you a little bit of cash?

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