Monday, July 26, 2010

DIY Fail

Sometimes DIY projects are best left to someone else.

When we first envisioned our save the dates they included a DIY magnet.

The plan was to use a design from Mr. E, print it out and roll it through Xyron machine to make a magnet. It seemed like a great plan, all we needed was our engagement pictures to add to the magnet.

After looking through all of our engagement pictures, we decided that it might be cooler to just use the picture as the whole magnet design and just add in our names to the suitcases. Lets just say it looked better in my head then what actually came out.

Coming out of the xyron machine

A couple of magnets cut out

I just wasn't feeling it. I couldn't seem to cut the edges straight enough and it was just missing something. Even if we went back to the original design, I couldn't help but think of the time it would take print out and cut all of the magnets. I started to think of other options and ventured over magnetstreet.

Searching through the various STD options, I realized that we would need to stick to the mini magnets in order for them to fit into the cards that were already made (thanks to the help of my BMs!). I personalized 5 different designs with our colors and information and then waited for Mr. E to come home and look over them. We both decided on our favorite and submitted the order that night justifying the purchase by the offset of the cost of ink, cardstock, expensive magnet refills for the xyron machine and my sanity in cutting perfect edges.

Here's a look at the personalized design from magnetstreet.

A couple weeks later a box arrived containing these little beauties!

Did you start on a DIY project and end up leaving it to someone else (professional or family/friend)?

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Ms. Teacher said...

Cute from magnetstreets! I am working toward creating our Save the Dates too. We went send them out for a couple more months though.
Congrats for another thing off the list!