Friday, April 23, 2010

Bridesmaids Summit! Part 3 - Save The Dates

After trying on dresses, lunch and a tour of the venue we rested up for a night of wedding talk and save the dates.

BM Aggie was the wonderful host that opened her house (and made appetizers and dessert) for our crafting night

Of course what's crafting without pizza and wine?

After dinner I put my girls to work. BM Cali and MOH Navy manned the steaming/folding of the cards...

...while BM Philly, BM Aggie and I cut out text until our fingers hurt.

Of course there were breaks for yummy desserts and more drinks.

I under estimated the amount of time it would take to cut out all the text and steam/fold all the cards. By the time we got to gluing it was nearly 11 pm! We pushed on and got through the gluing of all the front sections of the cards. I'll go back and tackle the inside at a later time.

I love the Xyron runners, but man do you go through those things fast! Here's half of the empty packages along with 2 of the bottles of wine we knocked off while working.

Were you able to get some help with your DIY projects? I know I loved the help, thank you so much girls!!!

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