Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The L word

Being the TV junkies that we, Chris and I love a wide range of shows. Last night on CBS' The Big Bang Theory, two of the main characters Leonard and Penny had an awkward moment in bed.

Leonard professed his love to Penny and she responded with a "Thank You". Sadly (for TV land) they broke up by the end of the episode because Penny felt pressured to say I love you back to Leonard.

This episode reminded me of the beginning of our relationship. I knew that I loved Chris a little bit before he knew he loved me, but I wouldn't let myself say it out loud for fear that I would get a type of response like Leonard did. I'm glad that I didn't pressure Chris into his feelings, and he came to the happy conclusion on his own.

I'll never forget that night, the day before a trip to Six Flags and then to meet his brother and sister for the first time. Chris told me how he came to know how he felt, and then ended it with "I think I love you". I responded with "You think?" to which he said "no, I know." We both laughed then, and we still joke around about it now.

Were you the first one to say I Love You or did you wait for your significant other to say it first?

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