Thursday, July 8, 2010

One Day Wonder

Is what Old Navy called it. I called it an early Saturday morning to brave the crazies and bribe my family and Mr. E with breakfast to stock up on flip flops for the wedding. Well, really Dad paid for breakfast, so it was win win for me :)

The weekend before Memorial Day weekend, we (Mr. E, Elephant Bro & I) rolled out of bed (and I do mean rolled out of bed, look at some of those outfits below) and were in line at Old Navy before the doors opened at 7 am. Mom and Dad Elephant were in line at the Old Navy closest to them (you know, to divide and conquer).

There were some interesting sites in the store, but I was happy to see that most people there were going for various different colors - they must not have been brides looking to fill a flip flop basket in colors that coordinate with their wedding. The manager at our store was very strict on the 5 per person rule, so we went through once, and then came back for a 2nd spin, just to be on the safe side.

Mr. E in line the first go round. Doesn't he look excited?

Brother Elephant  and Mr. E outside the store between rounds 1 and 2. Brother Elephant is telling me to hurry it up with the iPhone, and no he doesn't normally mix plaids with stripes or black socks with brown shoes.

Don't let my brother tell you that he did it all for the wedding. While I was on the phone with mom going over the sizes that we grabbed, he had time to pick up not 1 but 2 pairs of jeans on sale.

Me in line the 2nd time.

The cashier that rang me up the first time asked if it was worth it to get up at 7 for $1 flip flops. I told her it was for the wedding and I would never do it again. Hopefully the females at the wedding will think it's worth it! ;)

And here are all 45 pairs in their glory. Do I think that they will all be used at the reception? Probably not, but at least they will be available. And I can either sell any unused ones to another bride after the wedding, or donate them to a charity.

Did you have a flip flop basket so your ladies could dance the night away?

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