Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Make up counter vs. Airbrush

I don't wear much makeup on a normal basis, and will be looking for a little help for our wedding. As you may remember, we technically had two engagement sessions. For the first one, Mama Elephant hooked me up with a specialist at the Clinique counter. Janice did a wonderful job, but unfortunately there were some parts of it I wasn't a huge fan of.

I think the thing I didn't enjoy the most was the foundation. I know that African American skin is prone to being more oily then other races, but I was almost embarrassed when Lynn (our amazing photographer) would have Mr. E put his nose to my cheek. When he pulled away there would be a brown spot on the tip of his nose that I would have to wipe away. On my wedding day I do not want to have to worry about hugging anyone, or make up coming off on something white... you know, like my dress ;)

I didn't take any pictures after the Clinique make over, but here's a couple refreshers from our engagement session (excuse the sleepy eyes in the second picture).

When Lynn asked for a mini sunset session, I jumped at the chance. This time I had an airbrush trial scheduled, so it worked out perfectly because I was able to make use of the trial rather then just going home and watching Wednesday TV.

Here's the before picture (warning! Wayne and Garth extreme close-ups coming)

Personal Photo

And the after shot. Sorry for the crappy bathroom lighting!

Personal Photo

Airbrush makeup is more expensive, but for me it was well worth it! It was a very light, barely there feeling. Kristin (the make up artist) also added some false eyelashes, that really stood out. You'll also notice that we went with a lighter shade of lipstick, thanks to mom for packing some samples in her purse to the trial. What would I do without Mama E??

And here are some refreshers from our second session. Notice the eyelashes in the second one? So much more defined then my actual lashes.

*All photos from Lynn Michelle Photography unless otherwise noted.

If you are getting your makeup done for the wedding, have you looked into airbrush makeup? Any tips for keeping down on the shine from oily skin?

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