Monday, July 12, 2010

Premarital Counseling

Wiggles, rewind! (can anybody name that movie?)

Back in May, Mr. E and I headed to Hot Springs, AR for the first of 3 meetings with the family pastor that will be officiating our wedding. Since my parents have never been to the bed and breakfast run by our former pastor and her husband, they joined us for the drive up there for some R&R for a couple of days.

We sat down with Kristie for a couple of hours and talked about everything from the wedding basics, money, and values to religion, vows, and the 5 languages of love. It was truly amazing to really think about ourselves and what we want in our marriage aside from the one day of celebration. I won't lie, some of the questions were a little harder to answer then others, but Kristie was awesome and asked more questions to help us think deeper and truly answer questions such as what the other person is passionate about, and what our personal goals are.

There were some homework assignments to take away which included:
- Reading the 5 languages of love (discussed by Mrs. Paisley here) and making a plan to speak to each other in our languages
- Finding our Meyers-Briggs personalities
- Mapping out a financial plan
- And my personal favorite, Mr. E takes the reins and plans a get away for us

We will meet with Kristie in the fall or early winter when she is in Dallas and then one last time a couple of days before the wedding to just relieve some last minute stress and remember what we're doing it for.

And just because I love pictures in posts, here one of my parents, Kristie and us :)

Did you do any premarital counseling? What did you learn from it?

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