Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Are there any other bees out there that watched the geographical game show based on the computer game?  Brother E and I used to love trying to outsmart the "gumshoes".

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego theme song via You Tube

Since our tables are not numbered but instead named after places we have traveled to Mr. E thought it would be smart to give the guests a little help finding their tables.  Being the computer wiz of the Elephant duo, he whipped up a floor plan of our venue in Photoshop with a layout of the tables.  I took the file to FedEx Office, enlarged it to 20 x 30 and used spray adhesive to attach it to a foam board. This will give the guests a general direction to head once they enter the ballroom.

The heading is a play off of the Carmen Sandiego show (thanks to our planner Kathie for the suggestion!).

We are planning on either setting this map on a stand behind the escort cards, or on an easel next to the table with the escort cards.

And a couple more gratuitous shots of the escort cards.  The wine corks may have been brutal, but I didn't realize we would start to hate folding, spraying, and holding the little paper stand until they stuck!   It may have taken some time, but I LOVE the look of them standing up.

And a shot from above, how our guests will look for their name.

Since there are only 13 guest tables we're hoping no one gets lost :)

How did you display your table assignments?  For those that did not number your tables, did your guests have a hard time locating their tables?

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