Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's Left To Do?

As the Elephant wedding planning train begins to slow down with less than a month to go, I find myself asking what's left to do?  I'm trying to reduce the stress but also want to make sure everything is accounted for.

We have paid off all vendors with the exception of the venue and hotel send off brunch, which we decided to hold off on until their due dates because some guests are backing out of their "yes" responses.  If we can save some money, you bet we will!  We finally saw our steel drummer in action and dropped off our cake topper with the baker.  We completed our final walk through at the venue with the coordinator, our planner and our DJ/Lighting guy.  I hope we aren't tempting mother nature as we decided to extend the cocktail hour from the inside foyer to the outdoor patio.  Our planner Kathie made the great point that if the steel drums are outside, our guests will gravitate outdoors as well.  We went over all of the little details that didn't really make my radar before like the order of the processional, the timing of the cake cutting and toasts, and how we would like the ceremony set up if we have to resort to plan B (knock on wood, no rain!).

I've been on the hunt for some cute blue flats to change into for the reception, but wasn't finding anything that I loved. After expanding my Zappos search I went for fun and ordered these.

They are super comfortable (as Mama E says, all Clarks shoes are) and I think would add just a pop of color and fun to the reception if I ever lift my dress up.  I'm still debating between these and my chucks.

One of our engagement pics taken by Lynn Michelle

I think the chucks would be cute since Mr. E will be changing into his for the reception as well as the groomsmen. Decisions, decisions...

We've finished all of the major projects with the exception of the chocolates, which Mama E and I are going to knock off this weekend.  The escort cards are almost done, just need to add the backing support.  I'll be sharing that soon along with something Mr. E has worked on to make the seating easier for our guests. I had some free time this past weekend, so I decided to make a new thank you sign out of cardstock I had left over from our projects. I can't wait to have a picture taken with it on our wedding day and use it for our thank you cards.

Other than that, I don't know what to do with myself.  I guess I should enjoy the calm before the storm, and just nail down as much as possible so when I hand off our DIY projects to the venue the Tuesday before the wedding I'm officially in happy bride mode.

What did you have left to do in the month before your wedding?  

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