Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DIY Chocolates Revisted

Remember our awesome idea to make chocolate favors inspired by a post by Mrs. Starfish?  Well I wanted to share a quick follow up with you.  There was a TON of great advice in the comment sections from bees that have much more experience then Mama E and I, so if you are interested in this idea you should definitely check those out.

 We previously made around 60 pieces of chocolates and froze them. This was about a month ago.  After reading the comments about not freezing them I called up Mama E (the chocolates were being stored in their other refrigerator) and had her place them in the refrigerator side.

We decided to test out a couple and had her place one piece directly from the freezer to the counter, and another piece went from the freezer to the refrigerator.  5 days later we tasted them. Of course the piece that sat out was kinda blah, and looked a little discolored, but we were surprised to see that piece that went from the freezer to the refrigerator was doing just fine!  It tasted good and we didn't see any sweating or other blooming.  Even though the chocolate was fine, we didn't want to take any chances so when we did the real deal we skipped storing in the freezer (still "set" them in the freezer) and have them all in the refrigerator.

Mama E and I knocked out 7 or 8 more batches (all of the batches started to run together) and have them stored in the fridge. The plan is to leave them in their bags and then put them in the refrigerator at the Tribute when we drop off all of our DIY projects next week.  The morning of the wedding Kathie and her team will place them in the mini take out boxes as they are setting them out on the tables.  This way the chocolates stay cool for as long as possible.

This project was another fun bonding experience with Mama E (while Daddy was busy watching lil' Gypsy and doing yard work for their upcoming house guests for the wedding), but I think we can both safely say that it is probably not something we'll be doing again anytime soon.  It takes forever (since we only had 4 molds, and so much space in the freezer), so be prepared for the cycle of melting, pouring, freezing, waiting, popping out (and for us bagging and tying).  I hope our guests enjoy their homemade Texas and Pennsylvania chocolates!

Did you have any DIY projects that you loved, but looking back may have decided on something easier?

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