Monday, April 18, 2011

Love in Ink

You may or may not have noticed from various pictures of Mr. E through my time blogging on the Bee that he has some tattoos on his arm.

Engagement photo taken by the fabulous Lynn Michelle

When we first started dating, he was finishing up his 3rd masterpiece.  He has always wanted to get more tattoos, but in the past 4 years his extra money was going to rent, bills, school, date nights, his car and the wedding.  Since our guest count came in lower then we were budgeting for and have saved more than we need for the wedding he decided it was time to get more ink.

I've never seen someone get tattooed before, so I thought it would be fun to go with him.  I asked what he was planning on getting and he said a grim reaper.  This goes with the theme of tattoos that he already has (zombie, dragon, skull) so I didn't second guess it.

As we walk into Innovative Ink and started talking with Paul I almost cried happy tears.  Turns out Mr. E has been working on a tattoo that would represent our love!  We always talked about how he would never get any names tattooed, but I never thought that he was planning on getting something that represents both of us.

After outlining the tat

The tattoo is a heart shape with a hint of a ying yang, the circles replaced by a casino chip on one side (for my love of Vegas, and our very first big trip together) and a movie reel on the other side (we are pretty big movie lovers).  The heart is filled with the Philly Love sign to represent my state of birth, and the UNT logo to represent Texas, and Mr. E's college.  There wasn't enough space, but the original heart also included the A&M logo for my college, and the Texas lone star for Mr. E.  It really touches my heart that Mr. E would get something so meaningful to both of us tattooed on his body!

Do you or your FI have any ink? Do you have any tattoos that are meaningful to yourself and someone else?


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

i like it! it turned out well and is super creative!

Lauren said...

Thanks!! I'll let him know!