Sunday, June 20, 2010

Free Transportation

Score one for the budget!!

Since our ceremony and reception will be at the same location, it cuts down on the transportation cost. Since our wedding package includes a free night stay at the Tribute, that drops down our required transportation cost to zero!

We’ll drive ourselves to the venue the day of the wedding and then use that same car to drive home the next morning.

I do want to have a “send off” where the guests wave good bye and our photographer gets some good shots of us leaving. When talking to our planner about the possible rental of a golf cart just to ride down the street and come back, she let us know that the Tribute will let us use one for free. Wow! That’s one word you don’t get to hear too often (if at all) during wedding planning so we are thrilled to take them up on their offer. Our planner also let us know that in order to max out our floral arrangements from the ceremony, that she will re-use it to decorate the golf cart while we are dancing the night away.

I can picture it now, Mr. E and me driving off in a decorated one of these!

How will you make your grand exit from your wedding?

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