Thursday, June 10, 2010

Engagement Pics - The Funny Ones

We checked out some e-pics here, now for some of the funny pictures from our engagement shoot.

All pictures in post from Lynn Michelle Photography

Here we are playing with some props from Lynn. The gnome is sort of a mini mascot for Lynn, he makes the rounds to all of her weddings and sneaks into a detail shot or two.

We got a kick out of the photo booth props.

The lead up to this picture is what made it funny. Let's just say I really needed an extra boost from Mr. E.

For the life of us we could not keep our left pant legs up!

You can call me air Jordan. I got ups!

Although this can easily be edited out, we thought the skull face under "embrace" was too funny.

Next up - My favorites!!
Did you have any funny shots from your engagement pictures?

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