Saturday, June 12, 2010

Engagement Pics - My Favorites

After sitting through 2 posts of pics, are you ready for my favorites? It was so hard to narrow it down, but here are my top 10 (not in any particular order) from our engagement shoot.

All pictures from Lynn Michelle Photography

The first two were the teasers that Lynn sent, love the lighting in the first one and the intimacy in the second.

The next one just looks so cool. I'm 99% sure that this is the one that we will make into a canvas print to display at the reception (part of our photography package)

A little wind adds to the romance of this one.

With the old school train, truck and placement of the suitcases and globe, this next one is perfect for our save the date magnet.

The chucks were a want, not a need and we love them!

The last set were taken outside of the train museum. Lynn has an eye that turns random flowers (or weeds) and an old rusty truck into great backdrops.

And last but not least, the photo for our pre-wedding thank you cards.

Sigh, I could look at these pictures all day.
If you took engagement pictures, what did you do with them? Did you use any in DIY projects?

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