Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reality Check

Funny how something I didn't even think I wanted when I began planning this wedding is now something that I have fallen in LOVE with!

I'm referring to my new found love for videography. At first I didn't even factor it into the budget because I thought that pictures would be enough. But after reading and seeing trailers of girls' wedding on the Knot and Weddingbee, I started to think of it as a possibility.

So one day, pretty much like any other day where I get off work and catch up on all the Weddingbee blogs for the day, I came across Miss (now Mrs) Lab's post about finally finding a videographer for her wedding. Indy Productions wasn't her first choice, but was a name given to her when another videographer was booked on her day. I clicked on over to their blog to find pure awesomeness!

I fell in love. I fell hard! Watching the trailers (and some full wedding videos) was like watching mini movies. The cinematography was breathtaking. I headed over to his webpage and saw the starting price for his packages. In all honesty I truly didn't think about the actual price or how we would squeeze it into our budget (details, details), I quickly sent him an email for more pricing information. Then I realized something.


Reality Check! He's in Georgia, our wedding is in Texas. The travel expenses alone would probably make this an unattainable vendor.

So I thought of the next best thing. I sent the link of Indy's blog to our wedding planner and asked her to find someone local with that type of style. She was great and quickly sent over a list of names/links for me to check out. Hopefully we'll find someone with a similar style that fits into our budget.

Do you ever need a reality check when it comes to your budget/planning?

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