Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Personal Thank You

We were very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family come from all over the country (as well as outside of the country) to Dallas to celebrate with us during our wedding weekend.  Our wedding would not have been the same without the love and support of our guests, and their generosity in the gift giving area simply blew our minds.

Similar to the thank you cards that we made from our engagement pictures and used for shower gifts, I wanted to make photo thank you cards for the wedding.  We almost forgot to have a picture taken on the wedding day with my awesome DIY sign, but thankfully right after the send off Mr. E reminded me and the photographers.  We were able to get in some last minute shots before going back up to the bridal suite for champagne and cake.

I couldn't decide on one picture (I have a feeling I am going to have a very hard time narrowing down pictures when it comes time to make our album), so guests either received this card.

Or this card

I'm so impressed that Lynn was able to get a good shot with the banner flapping all over the place due to the wind.

I love that Vistaprint now allows you to add a picture and message on the back of the card too!

It was a personal goal of mine to have all of the cards written and in the mail before we deposited any checks, so we were hard at work as soon as the cards arrived in the mail.  Hand cramps aside, I can't thank our guests enough but I hope these words will give them an idea of how much it meant to us to celebrate with them.

Will you be ordering thank you cards from a wedding picture (or two)?

*Wedding photos from Lynn Michelle, pictures of cards from me

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