Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gifting My Favorite Ladies

I didn't want to post this prior to the wedding because I know that my girls follow me on the Bee and I didn't want to ruin the surprise.

Shortly after I asked them to be a part of our wedding, I already had an idea of what I wanted to gift them for standing by my side.  I love Coach!  This is evident by my collection of bags that takes over a whole shelf in our guest room closet.  I wanted to share my love with my friends, who all love a good purse!  I had a budget in mind for what I wanted to spend total, and by going to the outlet in Allen and using an additional 30% off coupon I was able to get their gifts and only go over budget by $32 (we'll just chalk that up to tax).

I picked up similar bags for BM Philly, BM Cali and BM Aggie, but selected colors that I know they really like. Here's Mama E holding them up while we stand in line at the outlet.  Black for BM Cali, Grey for BM Philly and Gold for BM Aggie.

Another shot of the bags on the shelf

For MOH Navy, I ended up selecting a purse very similar to one I own (that she saw and loved during my shower/bachelorette weekend), just in a darker shade of blue.

Another short on the shelf while standing in line

For my cousin's wife who helped to keep those ushers in line and oversaw the programs & guestbook, I selected a passport cover.  She loves to travel and this goes perfectly with the overnight bag (or airplane carry on bag) that her husband gave her for her birthday.

I also picked up a couple wristlets for our readers.  I got a steal on these, because the sign was 50% (with an additional 20% for the holiday weekend) when it should have said 30%.  The manager was sweet enough to let us have it for the deeper discount before changing the sign for anyone after us.

Did you have fun picking out gifts for your friends that will stand by you on the big day?

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Pamela said...

awesome gifts. Lucky girls. :)